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Hong Fu Ju tile tells you how to maintain tile!


 After the decoration, the tiles look very bright and feel beautiful at home. But later, after a long time of friction, the tiles are no longer as bright as new. What should I do? Xiaobian tells you to clean the tiles regularly, because it not only keeps the surface of the tiles glossy, prolongs the life of the tiles, but also makes your home look more beautiful and generous. So in our daily life at home, how should we clean and maintain ceramic tile? Today we will take everyone to learn the secret of ceramic tile cleaning and maintenance.

1. Surface cleaning

1, when cleaning the floor daily, please use dry towing as much as possible and use less wet towing. After cleaning, it is better to open doors and windows at once and let the air circulate and dry the water of the tiles. In summer wet weather, dry cloth can be erased once more and then air conditioning dehumidification.

2. For general stains, household detergents such as detergents, detergents, etc. or detergents can be used to clean. Vitrified tiles can be cleaned directly with dry cloth or water.

3. For adhesive gelatinous or solid stains, it is not advisable to use hard brush cleaning tools, such as shovels, brushes and other forced hanging brushes. Cleaning agents should be selected according to the nature of stains. Several common treatment methods are as follows:

Sodium hypochlorite diluent (bleaching agent) is used for tea stains, fruit stains, coffee, vinegar, leather shoes and other stains. Soak them for 20-30 minutes and wipe them off with cloth. Some of the stains will soak in bricks for a long time and take several hours.

The mildew point of ink and antifouling wax is made by using sodium hypochlorite diluent (bleach). When you use it, just wipe the bleach on the stain and soak it for a few minutes.

Note: Acid and alkaline detergents can effectively remove the surface stains of ceramic tiles, but because the acid and alkali components may cause corrosion to the surface of ceramic tiles, so should not be used frequently, should be more neutral acid and alkali cleaning agent; above detergents need to wear rubber gloves; after the stains should be removed with water to the tile surface Scrub and dry immediately. Do not leave any stains.

2、wear repair

Ceramic tile surface often due to friction, accumulated stains and other problems and uneven surface, such as brick surface slight scratches, scratches in the application of toothpaste, with a soft dry cloth brush can be repaired.

Regular waxing of floor tiles (polished tiles) can play a lasting protective role, interval of 2-3 months, can effectively restore the surface luster of ceramic tiles, while prolonging the service life of ceramic tiles. When waxing the floor tiles, the stains are thoroughly cleaned and then the wax surface is treated. The wax is evenly coated on the floor tiles. Generally, the floor tiles are left to dry within 8 hours after waxing. It is not appropriate to trample on the surface to prevent traces. If there is a small breakage in the edge or middle of the tile, you can paste a small part of the falling with white latex.

3, importance

For most people, decoration to use for decades at a time, and tile decoration occupies a larger area of the family, closely related to our lives. As a result of long-term exposure and contact with hard objects, tile surface is easy to be dirty, wear and tear, to destroy the tile surface aesthetic feeling, and to easily cause surface slippage, reducing the home safety index. Through the maintenance of ceramic tiles, it is often possible to enhance the surface gloss of ceramic tiles, improve the friction coefficient, strengthen the surface hardness and other purposes.

Did you learn today? Hurry up!